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    Well, here it is....... Steve Hall presents for your spirit, Joys and Inspirations. From his three best selling inspirational recordings, On Eagles Wings, The Spirit Soars, and In This Very Room, Steve has selected 17 of his unique renditions, featuring master musicians and special arrangements. Your heart will appreciate these cherished favorites...may you be blessed with untold hours of uplifting listening.

    "With reverence and good cheer, Joys & Inspirations cannot help but inspire the listener - the perfect gift to introduce Steve's music to your family and friends" Eleanor Ross (Revere Records)


    Thank you from the bottom of my aching heart for sharing your talent with the world. I am listening to your On Eagle’s Wings CD right now as I am writing you. I just lost my best friend in the world to ALS. She had a terrible last year on earth, but she taught me so many lessons of patience courage and faith. I enjoy your music so much, with every song bringing back a childhood memory for me, the day I accpeted the Lord, the day I lost my friend. Bless your heart, Mr. Hall, for blessing mine with your wonderful music.
    - Julie M., Madison, Wisconsin