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    Sheet Music

    Piano Solo - Intermediate Level

    Divine Light Sheet Music
    Divine Light Sheet Music
    Divine Light – an original composition by Peggy Duquesnel.....Peggy and Steve combine their musical gifts to create a very special arrangement of this enduring melody..... more
    Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
    Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
    Holy, Holy, Holy – a most unique arrangement by Peggy Duquesnel that is sure to become a classic! Peggy incorporates an excerpt from Chopin’s... more

    On Eagles Wings Sheet Music
    The sheet music you have requested is finally here. Now you can play the title selection from Steve's most popular collection on your own piano. This.... more
    In This Very Room Sheet Music
    "In this very room there's quite enough love for one like me." These intensely spiritual and personal lyrics are only part of the reason that... more

    Hearts In Harmony Sheet Music
    The collaboration between Steve Hall and Mary Beth Carlson produced beautiful music. Now you can play the beautiful title song from Steve' latest CD, written... more
    Sweet Dreams Songbook
    We have had such wonderful response to the availability of Steve's sheet music, that Steve decided to make available a book of music from the Sweet Dreams... more<