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    Testimonials About Steve Hall

    Dear Steve,
    "I am always on the lookout for peaceful background music that does not become tiresome, and uses multiple instruments, engaging arrangements, and tune selection. Your music is a thumbs up on all counts. Thank you for using your talents in such a beautiful way."
    C.W., Oregon

    Dear Steve,
    "GREETINGS from an admirer of your beautiful music. Recently, we received FOR THE MEMORIES as a gift, and we want to thank you and bless you for bringing so much joy to us and to so many others in your music ministry."
    C.E., Pennsylvania

    Dear Steve -
    "I just purchased ON EAGLE'S WINGS after hearing it in a store. It must be the kind of music that is heard in heaven! Calming, soothing, relaxing... Thank you for your contribution to the world of music. God bless you and your talent! May it continue to flow so beautifully."
    L.S., New Hampshire

    "I am really enjoying your inspirational CDs and am buying them for gifts for my friends - when I can find them. They sell out fast. I also like your traditional and romantic offerings. I think I would enjoy anything you would play. Thank you for sharing your talent with us."
    M.B., Illinois

    Dear Steve,
    "We just love your piano playing, alone and along with the other orchestrations. We are Christian missionaries in Uganda, Africa. On Sundays, we play your recordings ON EAGLE'S WINGS, THE SPIRIT SOARS, and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. The secular recordings are for the weekdays. We save SENTIMENTAL SERENADE (one of my favorites) for Saturdays. My all time favorite is COMING HOME. We also enjoy your SWEET DREAMS lullaby album. Further proof of our enthusiastic listening is that we have bought nearly 2 dozen of your CDs - some of the best purchases of our lives. Thank you and may God bless you. Be assured your wonderful playing has blessed many people's lives."
    B.C., Uganda, Africa

    "My wife just brought home two of your CDs - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and TREASURES & GIFTS. I've found both to contain very peaceful, calming music. It's so hard to find good instrumental music these days. Thanks so much for the many hours of listening pleasure to come."
    R.P., Texas

    Steve -
    "After hearing ON EAGLE'S WINGS, we immediately purchased it, and have since purchased a few more. Each one has become a favorite. Recently, we purchased your first country music CD - ON THE COUNTRY SIDE, and it is WONDERFUL! We have always been country western fans, and to hear our favorite songs without vocals is outstanding, and think we have just about worn it out (if possible). Do some more!!!"
    C.G., Illinois

    Dear Steve:
    " I just purchased your new CD ON THE COUNTRY SIDE and have played it over and over already! LOVE IT...LOVE IT...LOVE IT. Your best yet. Just wanted you to know the joy it brings into my life."
    F.T., California

    Dear Mr. Hall,
    "Your ON EAGLE'S WINGS CD is tear producing beautiful, and your THE SPIRIT SOARS CD is also magnificent - both in selection and rendition. Your piano artistry is wonderful! Sometimes your music is so profoundly beautiful I must stop my work, close my eyes, and just enjoy. Thanks for sharing your talent. "
    E.B., Alabama

    Dear Steve -
    "THANKS for sharing your talents with us at a time when my mother needed as much comfort as she could get. Your music HEARTFELT was a big part of that comfort. My mother was very strong in her faith and had no fears of joining her Lord, but if ever music helped in passage -- yours did for her. A HEARTFELT Thanks!"
    R.B., Wisconsin

    "I love Steve Hall's Music and would like to eventually order all his CDs. They really bless my soul with all we've gone through over the past four years: my husband with cancer, then kidney failure, then dialysis, then our 33 year old son got non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - stage 4, then in April of this year my husband was blessed with a kidney transplant. It's been a struggle, but both are now doing very well - a true miracle from God! Thanks for your beautiful music!!"
    G.R. California

    Dear Steve:
    "It was an honor to have been able to hear and meet you and Mary Beth Carlson in Appleton, WI this past week. I have been listening to your music for years, and when my dear friend, D K, told me you were coming to Appleton, I was thrilled. Our evening listening to your music was fabulous. Thank you for sharing with us."
    A.C., Wisconsin

    Dear Steve:
    "The Spirit does indeed soar as I listen to your wonderful music. God has indeed blessed you with the gift of music, and I thank you for sharing it with us. Keep the beautiful, inspirational music coming; this weary world needs it."
    Tom R., Texas

    Dear Steve,
    "The music of the faith is always a hit with people, especially now under our new national challenge. On your tour (9/2001 concert/Door County, WI), you brought affirmation when people needed it most. Thanks much."
    Ken B., WI

    Dear Mr. Hall -
    "Shortly after my husband's death, a friend told me about your album On Eagle's Wings and recommended it. Soon after that, I bought your The Spirit Soars CD. I listened hour on end. I have to immensely credit your music with helping me in the healing process. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My veil of grief lifted recently -look out world -here I come!"
    Betty A., ND

    Dear Mr. Hall,
    "I cannot begin to express the joy I receive from your Coming Home recording. I play it consistently -it's a favorite! Thank you for your obvious and extreme artistry. It's definitely a keeper and a treasure. I shall continue to search for more of your wonderful work. At last, sanity!!"
    Ellie K., CA

    Dear Steve Hall -
    "A special friend of mine just gave me your CD recording of Sentimental Serenade. There is no way to thank you for putting such a fabulous collection together. It's like a continuous breath of fresh, pristine air. It has brought back so many lovely memories."
    Barbara L., CA

    "God's Blessings to you, Steve --As my dearest friend was dying, all the while your On Eagle's Wings was softly playing with its peaceful comfort. I stayed with her that last night, and her one request was not to let your CD stop playing. It brought her so much comfort. Thank you for helping to bring God's love to so many."
    Ruth V., WI

    Dear Steve,
    "My heart is overflowing with gratitude for your music you share on your Count Your Blessings album. I am an organist, and when I need inspiration -I listen to your music. When I am at a loss as to what to play, your music inspires me. Thank you and God Bless You."
    Dolores M., CA

    Dear Mr. Hall,
    "My husband and I were in South Dakota traveling when the Twin Towers came down. We picked up items to remember this trip, and your recording Heirloom was one of our purchases. It gives me such peace of mind when I hear your music. Thanks for being so talented."
    Dorothy S., MD

    Dear Steve:
    " Yours is the most inspirational music I have ever heard. Thank you and bless you for making such beautiful music."
    Theresa M., MN

    Dear Mr. Hall -
    "I must tell you how much comfort I am receiving from your Joys & Inspirations CD -such a blessing since my husband died. Simply beautiful. I thank you."
    Marie S., MI

    Dear Steve,
    "Your The Spirit Soars CD is a treasure. I play it almost constantly, never tiring of the familiar selections. Just beautiful, quieting, and ever so comforting."
    Sara H., TX

    Dear Steve --
    "Thank you for your In This Very Room release. God has blessed you with a wonderful gift of creativity and music. You have been wise enough to use it not only for yourself, but to share it with others. Amen!"
    Susan P., CA

    Mr. Hall -
    "I am 65 years old, and have never written a "fan letter" in my life. My wife and I purchased your Always -Music Forever CD, which is certainly pleasing. Thank you for making this album --you are such a wonderful piano artist."
    Sill C., GA