Introduction from Peggy

    Welcome to the "Piano Orchestrations" catalog featuring the music of Steve Hall and Peggy Duquesnel! This catalog includes five new CD releases along with more than sixty other products from the works of both Bankbeat Productions and Joyspring Music. We are pleased to present uplifting and inspiring piano performances arranged, performed and orchestrated by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and friends. We have taken pride in including top "world-class" musicians and arrangers to present timeless music recordings, live concerts, nature videos and sheet music that will last for generations to come.

    As a friend, fellow pianist and recording partner with Steve Hall for 20 years, I am honored to carry the torch and step into the role as the featured artist and new owner of Bankbeat Productions.

    I was recently invited by Steve's widow Robyn Hall to continue his music legacy. I first recorded on Steve's record label in 1996 with the gifted guitarist David Patt, who is featured on many of Steve's records. In 2001, Steve encouraged me to start my own record label, Joyspring Music, with my "Give Thanks" solo piano recording. Five years later, Steve invited me to co-produce a duo piano CD with him titled "Divine Light." Steve's music and mentorship had a profound effect on many lives. His albums are still very popular today after many years of success in the inspirational and easy listening markets.

    We hope that you enjoy the music!

    Peggy Duquesnel

    Heart of the Music

    We are excited to announce a new Special Compilation CD release, "Heart of the Music" featuring "Piano Orchestrations" by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and Daniel Hall. This inspiring collection includes a selection of these artists' favorite works from their most popular albums. Click to listen to Heart of the Music

    In the Garden presents 15 hymns, classics and originals featuring acclaimed pianist / composer / arranger Peggy Duquesnel along with colorful orchestrations and woodwind playing by award-winning Billy Martin. It also includes two popular hymn performances by the late Steve Hall. The music provides an enjoyable, peaceful experience! 

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    In The Garden DVD

    In the Garden The “In The Garden” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Peggy Duquesnel, Billy Martin, Steve Hall.

    In The Garden brings the promise of spring right into your living room! Fields of brilliantly colored tulips and daffodils in Mt. Vernon Washington alongside manicured flower beds of every type of spring flower you can think of. To make this program even more exciting, scenes from icy blue and green mountain streams, flying over ocean shorelines, a walk through the Hoh rainforest, rainbows over majestic Alaskan mountain ranges, and even baby kittens frolicking among happy spring flower blossoms. Peggy Duquesnel and Billy Martin have done a superb and heartfelt recording of some of your most favorite hymns. Soothing, relaxing and inspirational!!   

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    The “Heart of the Music” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and Daniel Hall. This inspiring collection includes a selection of these artists’ favorite works from their most popular albums…. On Eagles Wings, Divine Light, In This Very Room, Encore, Where is Love and Give Thanks. Videographer Gary Hanson presents pristine, high-definition nature scenes of God’s amazing creation to take you on an unforgettable visual and musical experience!

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