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    New Album Release!

    Keys to Glory

    Piano & Organ Orchestrations


    Patriotic anthems, folk songs and hymns "Keys to Glory" released in the fall of 2018 to honor the 100th Anniversary of Veterans Day!

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    Keys To Glory DVD

    This "Keys to Glory" Nature Video is a colorful kaleidoscope of scenic beauty of our majestic country...a journey from American monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore to vibrant oceans, flowing waterfalls, colorful gardens, snow-capped mountains, fields and farms showing the glory of America and God's creation.

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    New Digital Single and Sheet Music Release!
    "Be Still My Soul"

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    Seasonal Favorites

    Crafted From His Heart

    Where Is Love

    Notes of Romance

    Heart of the Music - DVD

     Light of Christmas - DVD


    This "Light of Christmas" nature video combines some of our memorable holiday music arrangements with magnificent outdoor scenery. The musical selections include many of my personal favorites as well as popular recordings from the late Steve Hall. Gary Hanson of CreationScapes provides the spectacular video footage that enhances the music. I hope this nature video brings joy and light to your holidays! 
    - Peggy

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    Light of Christmas
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    On Eagles Wings

    Steve Hall's Gold Record with
    over 700,000 copies sold!

    Lovely Skies CD

    These uplifting popular and original songs feature Peggy's easy listening and contemporary piano arrangements with 20 other "world-class" musicians. Enjoy! 

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    Purchase or download the "Lovely Skies" album and receive vocal versions of five of the album songs as a gift!

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    In The Garden CD

    "In the Garden" presents 15 hymns, classics and originals featuring acclaimed pianist / composer / arranger Peggy Duquesnel along with colorful orchestrations and woodwind playing by award-winning Billy Martin. It also includes two popular hymn performances by the late Steve Hall. The music provides an enjoyable, peaceful experience! 

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    In The Garden DVD

    The “In The Garden” nature video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Peggy Duquesnel, Billy Martin and Steve Hall.

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