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    Classics, Standards and Easy Listening

    Lovely Skies
    Peggy is pleased to present her latest album "Lovely Skies." The songs reflect her visions of lovely skies and majestic landscapes through music. ...... more
    Acoustic Serenity
    This recording is a compilation of current and classic songs that have been popular for many years and will stay popular for... more
    Sentimental Serenade
    The exceptional arrangements will carry your heart back to the memories of the beautiful music of this era. These classic... more

    The Magic of Broadway, fourteen classics from the Broadway stage performed on grand piano, accompanied by an... more
    Serene Horizons
    How blessed we are that music can be our vessel to Serene Horizons. Come along for an imaginary sail on these... more
    Classic Memories
    Piano, guitar and harp... interweaving with each other to perform some of the world's most beautiful melodies in a wonderful... more

    Summertime Lullaby
    Peggy Duquesnel takes her listeners on a musical journey through the world of romance...... more
    Where Is Love
    Where is Love? is a first-class production of jazz standards and originals ..... more
    This fully orchestrated, unique recording has been created for you to enjoy some great melodies presented in a fresh... more

    Old Friends
    Old Friends is an exquisite and unique collection of original jazz compositions by pianist/composer Peggy Duquesnel ...... more
    Seems Like I Know You
    Peggy Duquesnel has co-produced her 8th recording and her first pop / vocal EP working with the legendary talents ...... more