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    On Eagle's Wings
    One hour of beautifully reflective and inspirational music, exploring arrangements that create various textures and... more
    Piano For My Soul      *  NEW CD  *
    It brings me joy to share this special project of hymns, classics and originals that I produced during the recent pandemic.... more
    In The Garden      *  NEW CD  *
    In the Garden presents 15 hymns, classics and originals featuring acclaimed pianist / composer / arranger Peggy Duquesnel... more

    Count Your Blessings
    After many requests, Steve Hall is proud to present his first recording of pure piano on a nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano... more
    An Angel's Touch
    This year with the passing of our Columbia astronauts, as well as so many of our families and friends serving our country in... more
    Divine Light
    Presenting two pianos, two styles of playing coming together in harmony to create passionate, imaginative, reflective musical...more

    Angels Among Us
    This album is dedicated to all the angels among us who sacrificed themselves to the honor of truth, peace and freedom... more
    Heaven Sent
    Once again, Dan Savant, Mike Watts and Steve Hall combine their musical gifts in a very special way. The result is this... more
    Give Thanks
    Give Thanks is a collection of heart-warming inspirational classics, hymns and praise songs..... more

    Show Me Your Way
    Show Me Your Way features a vibrant collection of original songs of praise and worship plus some popular hymns... more
    In This Very Room
    Engaging 13 musicians combining hundreds of years of God-given extraordinary talent and spirit, here are 25 songs on... more
    The Spirit Soars
    Peaceful, uplifting music featuring the grand piano, harp, guitar, flute, bass, percussion and strings. Based on the format... more

    Joy & Inspirations
    Well, here it is.......Steve Hall presents for your spirit, Joys and Inspirations. From his three best selling inspirational... more
    Both Sides Now
    Steve Hall and Steve Donovan. Two great players on two magnificent pianos. Two great styles blending, both contributing... more
    Coming Home
    Created to instill tranquility and warmth in your home, or while traveling to or from it. 50 minutes of fully orchestrated, peaceful... more
    California Dreamin'
    A collection of some of the world's finest romantic love ballads; what memories will they rekindle in you? With a range... more

    The Gift of Love
    A collection of 17 heart warming familiar tunes. This soaring, romantic music is designed to create the perfect... more
    "A variety of music ... played from the heart" are the words that best convey the contents of this unique... more
    Sweet Dreams
    "A dream is a wish your heart makes" and nothing expresses those wishes and dreams like the sweet sound of music... more

    Hearts in Harmony
    Listen as the strings sweep grandly over the melodies with their own musical life. Hear the instruments move in and out... more
    Swept Away
    Two Steves and two Steinways equals one fabulous new offering from Steve Hall. Swept Away will take you to another place. A place... more
    Notes of Romance
    All of your favorite songs (17) in one album! Played from the heart, these titles are performed with a tender, soothing touch... more

    Through the Years
    The second offering from Dan Savant and Mike Watts, these sixteen number-one hits feature grand piano, warm brass stylings... more
    Romantic Inspirations
    Romantic music like you have never experienced before! Utilizing their own unique and creative stylings of piano and brass... more
    Timeless Love
    A selection of 16 musical expressions of Love's eternal quality, captured in sparkling digital sound. This album features... more
    Lovely Skies
    Peggy is pleased to present her latest album "Lovely Skies." The songs reflect her visions of lovely skies and majestic landscapes through music. ...... more
    Acoustic Serenity
    This recording is a compilation of current and classic songs that have been popular for many years and will stay popular for... more
    Sentimental Serenade
    The exceptional arrangements will carry your heart back to the memories of the beautiful music of this era. These classic... more

    The Magic of Broadway, fourteen classics from the Broadway stage performed on grand piano, accompanied by an... more
    Serene Horizons
    How blessed we are that music can be our vessel to Serene Horizons. Come along for an imaginary sail on these... more
    Classic Memories
    Piano, guitar and harp... interweaving with each other to perform some of the world's most beautiful melodies in a wonderful... more

    Summertime Lullaby
    Peggy Duquesnel takes her listeners on a musical journey through the world of romance...... more
    Where Is Love?
    Where is Love? is a first-class production of jazz standards and originals ..... more
    This fully orchestrated, unique recording has been created for you to enjoy some great melodies presented in a fresh... more

    Old Friends
    Old Friends is an exquisite and unique collection of original jazz compositions by pianist/composer Peggy Duquesnel ...... more
    Seems Like I Know You
    Peggy Duquesnel has co-produced her 8th recording and her first pop / vocal EP working with the legendary talents ...... more
    Heart Of The Music
    Heart of the Music” featuring Piano Orchestrations by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and Daniel Hall..... more
    After the overwhelming response to their second recording together, Encore, now comes Bravo!.... more
    Concert Favorites
    Steve Hall would love to invite everyone to a concert in his living room on his 9' Steinway concert grand piano.... more

    After the overwhelming response to their first recording together, Concert Favorites, now comes one year later, Encore!.... more
    Crafted From His Heart
    "Crafted From His Heart" is inspired by Steve's unique touch on the piano giving such feeling in his recordings..... more
    For the Memories
    A special collection of some of Steve's favorites from his previous nine albums... Over 60 minutes of beautiful music! Ideal... more
    Keys to Glory       *  NEW CD  *
    The "Keys to Glory" Piano & Organ Orchestrations album spotlights Peggy Duquesnel (piano) and Andre Mayeux (organ) plus a track from the late pianist Steve Hall.... more
    Celtic Heart
    Welcome to the green and rolling pastures of the Old Country! Sit back and let the Celtic tunes reach into YOUR heart. Its deep and moving... more
    Like the golden rays of sunlight over the Grand Canyon, the laughter that seems to linger everlasting around a baseball diamond... more

    Country Crossroads
    With the success of On the Countryside released last year, Steve once again has joined up with David Patt and Andre Mayeux to... more
    On the Country Side
    Once again, Steve shows his extraordinary versatility, this time by bringing you an amazing collection of music from... more
    All I Ask for Christmas
    A double album with 21 tracks separated into an instrumental disc and a vocal disc..... more
    Christmas Images
    Beautifully arranged Christmas favorites - 29 carols in all! Piano, harp and guitar are combined in the melodies of your favorite... more
    Candlelight Christmas
    Beautifully arranged Christmas favorites - 29 carols in all! Piano, harp and guitar are combined in the melodies of your favorite... more

    "Rejoice" and celebrate Christmas with music of reverence and good cheer. This collection of new arrangements transports.... more
    Light Of Christmas
    This inspiring and timeless collection of traditional Christmas carols .... more
    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow / Bach 2-part Invention #13 (Piano Orchestration)
    Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
    I've enjoyed playing the music of J.S. Bach since my early years. One day I was studying Bach's Invention #13 and was inspired.... more
    Be Still My Soul Finlandia
    Be Still My Soul Finlandia
    Be Still My Soul / Finlandia is an instrumental piano orchestration I was inspired to record in 2021.... more
    Be Still My Soul
    Be Still My Soul
    Peggy's warm and inspiring piano / vocal performance brings new life to this traditional hymn arrangement.... more
    Light Of Christmaas
    This "Light of Christmas" nature video combines some of our memorable holiday music arrangements with magnificent outdoor scenery.   .... more
    Keys To Glory
    This "Keys to Glory" Nature Video is a colorful kaleidoscope of scenic beauty of our majestic country...a journey from American monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore to vibrant oceans, flowing waterfalls, colorful gardens, snow-capped mountains, fields and farms showing the glory of America and God's creation.   .... more
    Heart of the Music
    The “Heart of the Music” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and Daniel Hall. This inspiring collection includes a selection of these artists’ favorite works   .... more

    Natures Splendor

    The wonder of Nature’s Splendor is revealed in this exquisite 60 minutes of pristine high definition photography by Gary Hanson and heartfelt piano orchestrations. ... more

    Visions of Christmas
    Visions of Christmas is sparkling, reflective, joyful sounds and sights of the season that are sure to illuminate this glorious time of the year. The breathtaking scenes of nature are timeless ... more
    All Things Bright and Beautiful

    This DVD is a beautiful way to celebrate God’s gifts of nature and music together in this memorable, uplifting production.... more


    In the Garden

    In The Garden” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Peggy Duquesnel, Billy Martin and Steve Hall. In The Garden brings the promise of spring right into your living room!.... more


    Divine Light Sheet Music
    Divine Light Sheet Music
    Divine Light – an original composition by Peggy Duquesnel, Peggy and Steve combine their musical gifts to create a very special arrangement of this enduring melody..... more
    Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
    Holy Holy Holy Sheet Music
    Holy, Holy, Holy – a most unique arrangement by Peggy Duquesnel that is sure to become a classic! Peggy incorporates an excerpt from Chopin’s... more
    On Eagles Wings Sheet Music
    The sheet music you have requested is finally here. Now you can play the title selection from Steve's most popular collection on your own piano. This.... more

    In This Very Room Sheet Music
    "In this very room there's quite enough love for one like me." These intensely spiritual and personal lyrics are only part of the reason that... more
    Hearts In Harmony Sheet Music
    The collaboration between Steve Hall and Mary Beth Carlson produced beautiful music. Now you can play the beautiful title song from Steve' latest CD, written... more
    Sweet Dreams Songbook
    We have had such wonderful response to the availability of Steve's sheet music, that Steve decided to make available a book of music from the Sweet Dreams... more