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    Nature Videos on DVD

    Piano For My Soul
    It brings me joy to share this inspirational project of hymns, classics and originals that I produced during the recent pandemic. It was an honor to work with my colleagues Alan Broadbent, Billy Martin, Andre Mayeux and the late Steve Hall to produce these piano orchestrations. I am grateful to collaborate with videographer Gary Hanson to enhance the music listening experience with beautiful scenes of God's creation. It is my desire to share more peace and joy through my musical gifts. I hope the music and nature scenes touch your heart. Enjoy! - Peggy   .... more
    Keys To Glory
    This "Keys to Glory" Nature Video is a colorful kaleidoscope of scenic beauty of our majestic country...a journey from American monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore to vibrant oceans, flowing waterfalls, colorful gardens, snow-capped mountains, fields and farms showing the glory of America and God's creation.   .... more

    Heart of the Music
    The “Heart of the Music” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Steve Hall, Peggy Duquesnel and Daniel Hall. This inspiring collection includes a selection of these artists’ favorite works   .... more
    In the Garden
    The “In The Garden” Nature Video features “Piano Orchestrations” by Peggy Duquesnel, Billy Martin and Steve Hall. In The Garden brings the promise of spring right into your living room! Fields of brilliantly colored tulips and daffodils in Mt. Vernon Washington alongside manicured flower beds of every type of spring flower you can think of. To make this program even more exciting, scenes from icy blue and green mountain streams, flying over ocean shorelines, a walk through the Hoh rainforest, rainbows over majestic Alaskan mountain ranges, and even baby kittens frolicking among happy spring flower blossoms.   .... more

    Visions of Christmas
    Visions of Christmas is sparkling, reflective, joyful sounds and sights of the season that are sure to illuminate this glorious time of the year. The breathtaking scenes of nature are timeless ... more
    All Things Bright and Beautiful

    This DVD is a beautiful way to celebrate God’s gifts of nature and music together in this memorable, uplifting production.... more


    Light of Christmas
    This "Light of Christmas" nature video combines some of our memorable holiday music arrangements with magnificent outdoor scenery. The musical selections include many of my personal favorites as well as popular recordings from the late Steve Hall. Gary Hanson of CreationScapes provides the spectacular video footage that enhances the music. I hope this nature video brings joy and light to your holidays! - Peggy   .... more
    Natures Splendor

    The wonder of Nature’s Splendor is revealed in this exquisite 60 minutes of pristine high definition photography by Gary Hanson and heartfelt piano orchestrations. ... more