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    This year with the passing of our Columbia astronauts, as well as so many of our families and friends serving our country in the armed forces, we all can use the grace and strength of an angel's touch. Our wish is that this collection of beautiful inspirational music acts as an angel to touch the hearts of all those in need and bless them with healing all across this great country of ours. As life evolves, may we always remember to pray for God's grace through an Angel's Touch.

    May God continue to bless America.


    "I am a Lutheran pastor serving a church in North Miami which necessitates a 30 minute commute each day. This morning I borrowed my daughter’s Steve Hall CD and popped into my player for the drive. Well, your music transformed my drive on a rare, chilly, rainy day from the chaotic to the serene. I hadn’t really looked at the jacket and so I was expecting vocals and was pleasantly surprised to hear the inspiration of the piano with various instrumental accompaniments. Thanks for blessing me this morning and reminding me how blessed we all really are, all the time. Obviously, the Lord has blessed you as well. Keep the blessing rolling!"
    - Pastor George E., North Miami, Florida

    We fell in love with your music immediately when we heard for the first time in Door County, Wisconsin. I can find no fault with the musical skills exhibited by you, or any of your other musicians...to me, the greatest asset of any Steve Hall recording are the arrangements. You have so skillfully blended these distinct instruments on each of the songs. Your group is not a vehicle for soloists, but a blending of those instruments. Very lovely, and your song selection is without fault. We hope that you continue to produce CD’s of this quality, and we will will continue to purchase them when you do. We have found that they make excellent gifts, which allows us to introduce our friends to Steve Hall. Thank you, so much , for providing us with hours of exceptional music!"
    Richard S.
    Buffalo City, Wisconsin