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    There are angels among us when we need them most. September 11th, 2001 made that need crystal clear. The call for peace and healing of our spirits inspired this beautiful recording. Dan, Mike and Steve have pooled their musical resources to produce these 15 heartfelt hymns and songs of inspiration.

    This album is dedicated to all the angels among us who sacrificed themselves to the honor of truth, peace and freedom...and to all those angels who continue on.

    May God bless America!


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for one of the most beautiful, inspirational CD’s of our Lord’s music I have ever heard. From the very first note that came out of my CD player, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit all around me and through me. This truly is the most comforting music I have ever heard. I cannot begin to tell you what this recording, Angel’s Among Us, has meant to me. Again, I say thank you all for this beautiful work”.
    Vicki S.
    Terrel, Texas