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    Piano, guitar and harp... interweaving with each other to perform some of the world's most beautiful melodies in a wonderful and intriguing manner. Twenty timeless classics that will endure forever!


    I was very privileged to purchase one of your CD’s and would like to congratulate you on a beautiful job. I really enjoy listening to piano music, along with the classical guitar and concert harp. Keep up the good work – listening to such great music doesn’t seem much of a challenge in my mind. You did a splendid job!”.
    - Esther J., Cayman Islands, West Indies

    Meet the Artists

    At the time of this recording, I had already known and collaborated with Steve Hall for a number of years, on many of his CD projects, as a sideman, arranger, and perhaps most importantly, as a friend. His unique approach to his music has had a very positive effect on so many people, including myself. Now it was time for us to play two Steinway pianos together, bringing together two styles, different approaches, and a wide range of music, from popular, classical, and jazz styles. The result was even better than we had hoped- kind of a "best of both worlds".

    Add to this some of the finest musicians anywhere, great engineering, two studios, two beautiful Steinway grand pianos, a wonderful collection of songs, and we have this CD, "Both Sides Now"- aptly named- it refers not only to the title song, but a wide range of music, all with the goal of blending our best ideas into a recording that should appeal to everyone. I hope you can "hear" the enjoyment we had playing together, and have as much fun listening as we did making the CD.
    All The Best,
    Steve Donovan