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    After many requests, Steve Hall is proud to present his first recording of pure piano on a nine-foot Steinway concert grand piano. The music is an inspirational experience, with many of your favorite hymns played from the heart. Included in this memorable album are four piano duo, featuring guest pianist extraordinaire and friend, Mary Beth Carlson. Two pianos, two pianists, twenty-two songs, and over one hour of music of peace and hope come together to create a unique celebration of His music.


    I accidentally stumbled upon your music, but with the Lord, there are no accidents...only appointments. You will never know how God has touched my entire being through you music. I am so grateful to the Lord that there are still Christian musicians out there who still love the great old hymns and spirituals of the faith. I simply wanted to let you know how the Lord has used your music to be a tremendous blessing and encouragement in my life”.
    - Kim S., Eau Clair, Michigan