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    After the overwhelming response to their first recording together, Concert Favorites, now comes one year later, Encore!...more Concert Favorites. Steve continues the program with additional arrangements from his solo piano concerts. He again presents his 16 year -old son, Daniel, performing four remarkable selections from his classical repertoire. Encore! includes a variety of musical styles that have captured Steve’s audiences over the years. This collection features over one hour of heartfelt music that is memorable, uplifting and timeless….BRAVO!


    Your latest CD, Encore, with Danny, is absolutely exquisite! So many gorgeous songs, played from your hearts. Danny’s contributions are magnificent...he has such talent for his young age! Your music continues to provide the Eagles Wings in my daily life and all your CD’s are just about the only music that I listen to in my car and at home.
    - Sherry H., Tualitin, Oregon

    Meet the Artists

    How fortunate I am to have this opportunity to record with my dad for a second time! My love for music has been increasing over the years, and I continue to appreciate this gift more and more as I practice daily. I try to put my feelings into the piece so it sounds more mature and, of course, better and better. I am additionally forever grateful for my parents supporting me with outstanding lessons, and encouraging me to practice even when I don't feel like it.

    Finally, I would like to thank my listeners for your kind words of encouragement, whether it is through letters, e-mails or in person...it means a great deal to me. Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for you, and may you have many wonderful years to come.


    After the overwhelming response to our first recording together, Concert Favorites, now comes one year later, Encore!...more Concert Favorites. As you might imagine, both Robyn and I are so proud of our 16 year old son, Daniel, and his remarkable abilities. His love of music shines so brightly, as the notes simply pour out of his heart. I am sure you will agree with me that his progress is quite pronounced from one year ago.

    Personally, having the opportunity to continue to perform for live audiences across the country and in Canada has been a major blessing in my life. To me, doing what I love to do and witness how music personally touches the audience is beyond what any words can express. The pieces were selected from my solo concert repertoire, and I hope you enjoy the variety of arrangements. My goal is simple for each concert - that when the last note has sounded, each of you feels better than when the performance began. It is my heartfelt desire that this remains true for each of you when you have finished listening to Encore!
    With continued best wishes, always...