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    Listen as the strings sweep grandly over the melodies with their own musical life. Hear the instruments move in and out, through your favorite melodies, at once familiar, but more interesting. This offering, a collaboration between two close friends, Steve and Mary Beth; two pianos, creating music of romance; and the best use of musicians and arrangements yet. Envision your own candlelit dinner or evening under the stars, and let the music set the mood.


    After listening to your beautiful Hearts in Harmony CD, I feel moved to express my thoughts to you personally. My mother had already given it rave reviews, as it is her CD. Then I listened to it. What a serene, fulfilled “all is right with the world” feeling it gave me. If I had to pick a favorite, wheich isn’t easy since all the songs are lovely, I would probably choose “Reverie/Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini”. Also, I love the picture of you and Mary Beth on the back of the CD. She looks radiant with her heavenly smile and you appear to be a gentle, friendly, spiritual man. Thanks to both you and Mary Beth for making such wonderful music which lifts the cares of the world from my mind while I listen to it”.
    - Janet S., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

    Meet the Artists

    The vision for Hearts in Harmony began with two close friends who enjoy many common bonds, including a passion for beautiful music and the desire to share it with others. This music reflects a harmonious blend of style, interpretation and artistry from Steve and I as well as the many musicians, guest arrangers and engineer who completed our team. It is difficult to describe the significance of the camaraderie, commitment and exhilaration felt by each participant. This project has been the most rewarding and fulfilling journey imaginable. Beautiful music brings to the surface the deepest of emotions and often reminds us how much we love those dearest to us.
    Mary Beth Carlson