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    "To celebrate the glory of the red, white and blue...share with us this Heirloom of America's Musical Heritage..." Like the golden rays of sunlight over the Grand Canyon, the laughter that seems to linger everlasting around a baseball diamond, and the incredibly rich aromas of cinnamon and apple pie... these are the songs that have captured the spirit and essence of America. From the honey-coated sounds of the harp to the vibrant notes of the trumpet, from the classic acoustics of the guitar to the buoyant picking of the American banjo, from the unbridled cry of the bagpipes to the graceful union of two grand pianos, the soul of America is celebrated in this 62 minute collection of musical heritage. As diverse and special as the people and culture it celebrates, Heirloom is a gift dedicated to the nation. We are truly a "Family of Americans."
    Let's celebrate together...


    My husband and I were in South Dakota traveling when the Twin Towers came down. We picked up items to remember this trip, and your recording Heirloom was one of our purchases. It gives me such peace of mind when I hear your music. Thanks for being so talented.”.
    - Dorothy S., MD

    Meet the Artists

    I was honored and thrilled when Steve invited me to share the experience of producing and recording a duo piano project. I have immensely enjoyed the process from selecting songs together, to blending arrangements with the magnificent creativity of each gifted musician and recording amidst the magic of each incredible talent. Steve's' wish to record a collection of songs representing America's heritage inspired my composition, "Heirloom". This piece musically illustrates my gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His many blessings, love for my precious family, appreciation for faith and values instilled in me, and my endeavor to pass along an attitude of respect for our wonderful heritage. The creation of Heirloom has been an exciting and memorable experience. May God bless America!
    Mary Beth Carlson