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    Show Me Your Way features a vibrant collection of original songs of praise and worship plus some popular hymns. The music reveals Peggy’s eclectic background in jazz, pop, Latin, gospel and the classics. Her unique blend of songwriting, piano improvisation and smooth vocals shine in both intimate and lively arrangements, featuring top-notch studio musicians and world-class background vocalists.


    Peggy's vocals are polished and smooth, her voice as much an instrument as any in the orchestra.
    - Robert A. Lindquist, Singer Magazine

    Peggy's music is sophisticated, sensitive and compelling. She has performed at Saddleback many times and is always a great addition to our conferences and worship services. Peggy is extremely versatile and always a pleasure to work with.
    - Rick Muchow, Pastor of Worship, Saddleback Church

    Arguably, the two styles of music most connected to the heart in terms of spontaneous interplay of technique and emotion are jazz and worship music. Both require not only musical skill, but the ability to follow the music where it’s being led in the moment. Peggy is one of the rare artists who excels at both of these and has the ability to combine both styles and influences seamlessly into her compositions, performances and recordings. We have had Peggy as a performer at Saddleback Church several times and she has always proven to be a blessing to her audiences.
    - Tony Guerrero, Director of Creative Arts, Saddleback Church