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    Two Steves and two Steinways equals one fabulous new offering from Steve Hall. Swept Away will take you to another place. A place in your imagination, or perhaps in your memory where the wind and the sea are your world. This one hour of musical enchantment includes classical, light jazz and lots of passion. Steve Hall's grandmother's said it perfectly in her watercolor on the CD cover. The magic of two Steinways, like the magic of the wind and the sea will sweep you away. Come sail with us. It's our great escape.


    What a surprise! Your Swept Away CD arrived in this afternoon’s mail, and it is an absolute treasure! I am so pleased that you and Steve Donovan made a duo album of simply the pianos. Wonderful, thoughtful arrangements played with such passion and beauty. My wife and I wish you continued blessings.
    - Anne M., Penn Valley, California

    Meet the Artists

    Once again, this project brings together two pianists, two Steinways, and some really terrific arrangements- this time with the purity of just two pianos. The title track, "Swept Away" was inspired by a wonderful painting by Steve Hall's grandmother, as seen on the CD cover. The music is a combination of familiar songs- Great standards, both classical and contemporary music, intertwined in the unique way that my good friend Steve Hall has become so well known for. It was a golden opportunity to make music that combines our varied experience, musical backgrounds and a great friendship, resulting in this CD.

    We had a great time putting this album together- and we both hope you are "Swept Away" by the music. Thanks to Steve Hall, the whole Hall "clan" and especially to you, the listeners- Enjoy!
    Steve Donovan